Our Culture

Every Contact Matters

In the advanced testing environment, every touchdown in the probing process presents a critical measure of pin quality and performance. Therefore, at PPI Every Contact Matters is the guideline that infuses everything we do. It drives us to pursue precision performance and maintain the highest standards in production to deliver reliable, durable, and consistent product quality cost-effectively.

There are three core values driving us.


Challenge is a norm

We welcome our customers to bring their most significant challenges to us because we are dedicated to finding solutions for them. This commitment is rooted in every employee working at PPI and drives our day-to-day behavior. This can-do-attitude means that our customers and business partners can give us their most aggressive ideas and stringent requirements, knowing fully that we will fulfill these demands.


Details drive excellence

The development of advanced probing is continuously evolving and becoming more and more complex, demanding sophisticated production techniques to fulfill leading-edge requirements. We take pride in our attentiveness to those details and are highly recognized by technology leaders in the semiconductor industry. We understand helping our customers excel and outperform in this competitive environment is enabled by our detailed-driven attitude without compromise.


Timely response builds trust

Responsiveness is not just a buzzword to us. It is something we live and strive to deliver every day. We take actions when problems arise, bringing solutions to our customer to make improvements and modifications swiftly and effectively. In this manner, customers can focus on their daily operations, trusting that we will find solutions to meet their requirements whenever needed.